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所長 鈴木公明 While we have seen increasing importance of intellectual property (IP) with the knowledge society coming, it has been pointed out that the conventional management reaches its limitation in various industries and we strongly need more sophisticated and more effective theories and practices of IP management, as economic growth has slowed in Japan.

The arena of knowledge necessary for IP management expands in diversified management fields, not only in laws: technology, design, branding, marketing, finance and accounting, international relations etc. We need to combine the knowledge in these fields and to reconstruct IP management.

To confront this task, we established our institute under the following policies in March 2009:

  1. We shall study the advanced IP management both theoretically and practically, which shall contribute to sustainable growth in the knowledge society, and shall report the achievement.
  2. Our fields of study shall be management in general, which shall be inter-disciplinal: law, technology, design, branding, marketing, finances and accounting, international relations.
  3. We shall provide chances especially for young researchers to publish their achievements in order to freely promote ideas of researchers and to diffuse the researches, properly responding to the transition to the knowledge society.

Furthermore, we established our advisory board comprised of IP experts around the world in August 2015. The advisory board would enhance our study on the advanced IP management from the global standpoint.

We appreciate your support very much.

Kimiaki Suzuki
Director, Towa Institute of Intellectual Property

Institute overview

Institute Name Towa Institute of Intellectual Property(TIIP)
Activities Reports and researches relating to contribute advanced intellectual property management theories and practices.
Established March 1,2009
Chairman Takashi Tsuno
(Patent Attorney, Representative Partner of Towa International Patent Firm)
Director Kimiaki Suzuki
(Professor, Tokyo University of Science, Patent Attorney)
Counselor Hiroyuki Okada
(Patent Attorney, Towa International Patent Firm)
Fellow Satoru Hirano (Patent Attorney)
Takeharu Hirabayashi
(Patent Attorney, Towa International Patent Firm)
Researcher Kayoko Kashiwagi (Towa International Patent Firm)
Takashi Kemmotsu (Towa International Patent Firm)
Nanae Sato (Towa International Patent Firm)
Akiko Yamamoto (Towa International Patent Firm)
Tatsuro Fujita
Kouji Ikeya
Fumihito Fujiwara
Reina Isomura
Shigeru Tokuoka
Minori Hasegawa
Kei Ehara

Advisory board :
Takashi Tsuno
(Towa International Patent Firm, Japanese Patent Attorney)

Mr. Mao-Ming Huang
(Five Continents Int’l Pantet & Trademark Office, Taiwanese Patent Attorney)
Ms. Dan Jin
(Golden Union Patent Service Co., Ltd., Chinise Patent Attorney)
Mr. Zhiqiang Jing
(Unitalen Attorneys at Law, Chinese Patent Attorney)
Mr. Ea Roo Kang
Mr. Toshio Sonoda
(Sonoda Patent Firm, Japanese Patent Attorney)

Dipl.-Ing. Uwe R. Borchert
Mr. Thomas Daub
(Daub Patent- und Rechtsanwaltskanzlei, European Patent Attorney)
Mr. Jürgen Feldmeier
(Prüfer & Partner GbR, European Patent Attorney)
Mr. Stephen Haley
(Gill Jennings & Every LLP, European Patent Attorney)
Dr. Thomas Held
(Patentanwälte Hosenthien-Held & Dr.Held, European Patent Attorney)
Dr. Ulrich Naumann
(ULLRICH & NAUMANN, European Patent Attorney)
Dr. Thomas Schlief
(CANZLER & BERGMEIER, European Patent Attorney)
Dipl.-Phys. Gunnar Siekmann
(JABBUSCH SIEKMANN & WASILJEFF, European Patent Attorney)

Mr. R. Burns Israelsen
(Maschoff Brennan, US Patent Attorney)
Mr. George A. Smith, Jr.
(HOWSON & HOWSON LLP, US Patent Attorney)